Olympic High School – NAF Academy Career Snapshot Videos


In the video link below, Mike Realon, Career and Community Development Coordinator for Olympic High School, provides an overview of the importance of career day information in our schools and how the Career Snapshot Video Program can help meet that need. Career Snapshot Video Overview.

Shocking Statistics

Over 50% of CMS students are economically challenged. The status quo of America is that its institutions create:
  • 50-70% of Americans who hate or dislike their jobs;
  • 51% of Americans regret the decisions made about college as teenagers and young adults (degrees, schools, field of study);
  • Over 50% of college-educated Millennials are unemployed or underemployed, while American employers are trying to fill an historical high-7.5M jobs prior to the Pandemic.

Instructions For Creating a Career Snapshot

1: Example Playlist

They say a picture is worth a thousand words (or in this case, a video). The following is a link to multiple Virtual Career Day Videos to provide examples of how others have approached their Career Snapshot.

Career Day Video Examples

2: Recommended Talking Points

    • Olympic has provided a list of talking points that outline questions most often asked by the students. The students are eager to learn, but unfortunately, do not have access to folks in these occupations that they can ask.
    • From experience with in-person career days, it works best when we speak from the heart on these talking points versus developing a detailed script. Having the talking points on our computer screen or a poster off-camera may help guide us through them without looking like we are acting a role.

3: Video Recording

    • Recording our videos can be as simple as making a video phone call! All we need is a quiet place to make the recording, proper lighting, and a big smile. The video does not need to be an elaborate media production, and from a student’s perspective, it is more attractive if it looks like it comes from the volunteer’s heart vs Hollywood.
    • The following are instructional research (how to Guides) on how to record to your device:

4: Distribution

Once you’re happy with the recording, upload it to YouTube (Instruction link below). Next, setup your Career Snapshots profile here. Once your account is approved, you’ll receive an email with upload instructions for your your video submission.

5: Upload Your Snapshot

Once your video is uploaded to YouTube, signup on the Career Snapshot page. After your approval (usually within a few hours), sign in to your account, complete the information form, and upload your video link to the site. Once we review the snapshot, your video will be published to the site.

6: Signup and Contacts

We hope you will want to help us and our area students by producing your own Career Snapshot. To assist us with planning, please complete the Volunteer Short Form below, which will auto-populate our volunteer list.