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Career Discovery

Student career discovery is vital during the high school years and thereafter if our nation is to bridge the vast talent gap that has been created because of the disconnect that exists between America’s institution of Education and today’s workplace. We continually update this site with current, ongoing information that helps facilitate Gen Z’s discovery of 21st century career options,  and empowers them with identifying modern post-secondary education pathways available in their local community.

Our Mission

Provide career explorers with short videos created by workplace practitioners so viewers become aware and can explore modern 21st century careers.  And when users conduct career searches, the website will “connect” explorers with local Employers who offer careers related to their website “searches”, especially those type of modern career opportunities where employers provide education, training, and guaranteed employment upon successful completion (Earn While U Learn opportunities).

Squarely, the Career Snapshots website addresses the lack of mobility in America — a crisis where research indicates that most college-educated Americans “hate or dislike their job” (50-70%) and most “regret” their college decisions about what degrees, certificates and/or field of study (51%) they chose.  Why this regret… because Americans didn’t have enough experience or modern context when they were required to make uninformed choices about education & careers.

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Instructions: Navigate the CAREER VIDEOS tab, at the top of the page. Search for various career fields using headings, as well as the ‘search here’ function.

NOTE: Not all career fields are currently represented.

Employer Spotlight

Looking for a career in the plumbing industry? Want to learn a trade? Check out what Price Brothers has to offer. As one of the largest residential plumbing contractors in the Carolinas, our commitment to excellence in quality and customer service is what sets us apart from the rest of the field. We offer a competitive package of pay and benefits including:

  • 40+ Hour Work Week • Optional Overtime • Weekly Pay • Bonus Incentive Programs • Paid Travel Time • Paid Holidays (6 minimum) • PTO (Up to 3 weeks) • Employee Assistance Program • Medical Insurance • Dental Insurance • Vision Insurance • Health Premium Discount • Prescription Drug Coverage • Short Term Disability • Long Term Disability • Life Insurance • Health Savings Account •Flexible Spending Account • 401K Match •Family Events • Holiday Party •Verizon Phone Discount • PBI Apparel •Direct Primary Care Membership

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