Anesthesiologists Career Video

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JOB TITLE: Anesthesiologists ONET: 29-1061.00 OCCUPATION DESCRIPTION: Physicians who administer anesthetics prior to, during, or after surgery or other medical procedures. RELATED TASKS: * Monitor patient before, during, and after anesthesia and counteract adverse reactions or complications. * Record type and amount of anesthesia and patient condition throughout procedure. * Provide and maintain life support and airway management and help prepare patients for emergency surgery. * Administer anesthetic or sedation during medical procedures, using local, intravenous, spinal, or caudal methods. * Examine patient, obtain medical history, and use diagnostic tests to determine risk during surgical, obstetrical, and other medical procedures. RELATED JOBS : Anesthesia Associate, Anesthesia Director, Anesthesia Resident, Anesthesiologist, Attending Anesthesiologist, Medical Doctor (MD), Obstetrical Anesthesiologist, Physician Anesthesiologist, Staff Anesthesiologist, Staff Anesthetist

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